Doors open 19.30h
Concert starts ca. 20.15h

Tickets (cash only): 15 Euro/10 Euro *
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location: celeste
Hamburgerstr. 18, 1050 Vienna  (AT)
(U4 Kettenbrückengasse or U4 Pilgramgasse)

free music forum concert series is curated by a team
of internationally renowned musicians and the initiator of the series.

*  Our programme fall/winter 2023  *

PINK FOREST: Guylaine Cosseron - Franz Hautzinger - Benjamin Duboc

Jean-Luc Guionnet - Seijiro Murayama - Klaus Filip
Joe McPhee - Susanna Gartmayer - John Edwards - Mariá  Portugal
Zarić - Elisabeth Harnik - Richard Barrett
after concert: Dancefloor with DJ Didi Kern & DJ
Lars Bulnheim
Hanne de Backer - Signe Emmeluth



Hanne de Backer - baritone sax
Signe Emmeluth - alto sax
   (BE / DN)

Konzert kuratiert von Corinne Studer:
"Ein energiegeladenes Duo was letztes Jahr schon auf unserer Wunschliste stand, wird die free music forum Konzertreihe 2023 abschließen und uns mit frischer Energie in die Winterpause pusten!
Beide habe ich schon in verschiednen Formationen vor allem auf Festivals gehört und beide überzeugen mit Feinheiten ebenso wie mit kraftvollen, lebendigen Free-Jazz Ausdrucksweisen. Im Duo führen sie einem gekonnt auf eine musikalische Achterbahnfahrt mit überraschenden und schönen Wendungen.
Signe Emmeluth und Hanne de Backer lernten sich 2019 in Krakau kennen, als sie dort als Teil von Steve Swells Tentett auftraten. Kurz darauf gingen sie mit Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit auf Tour. Dabei entdeckten sie ihre gemeinsame Leidenschaft für freie Musik und Tanz. 2022 erschient ihr erstes Duo-Album auf dem norwegischen Label Smalltown Supersound.

Concet curated by Corinne Studer:
"This energetic duo, which we already wanted to invite last year, will close the free music forum concert series 2023 and will blow us with fresh energy into the winter pause!

I heard both musicians already in different formations, mainly on festivals and both convinced with nuances as well as with powerful lively free jazz expressions. As a duo they lead us skilful on a rollar coaster ride with surprising and beautiful turns.
Signe Emmeluth and Hanne de Backer met each other in 2019 in Krakow playing in the Steve Swell Tentett. They met again on tour with the Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit and discovered similarities about their passion for free music and dance. In 2022 their first duo album was released on the Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound."

Hanne de Backer lived long in Antwerp before she moved to Brussels. After her degree as actor in 2010 she started to play the baritone saxophone. She is using the impact of music and performance without any style restrictions. With her project g a b b r o she explores the interaction of improvisation and environment. She produced two albums with Marc De Maeseneer, Agnes Hvizdalek, Raphael Malfliet and Henrik Munkeby Norsteb (G A B B R O 4). In her latest project she was traveling with piano player Andreas Bral and drumer Raf Vertessen and with a Camel alongside the Belgian coast, musically emphasising this region. This adventure was 2023 published in a film documentary.

Signe Emmeluth was born in Danemark and lives now in Oslo. She plays alto saxophone and electronics. Signe became an important musician in the scandinavian scene, also because of her own Emmeluth‘s Amoeba and the Spacemusic Ensemble. She playes also with Mats Gustafsson, Kresten Osgood, Paal Nilssen-Love, Terrie Ex and is well versed in the music of Peter Brötzmann and Mats Gustafsson.

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