free music forum concert series 2022

@ Club Celeste
Hamburgerstrasse 18, 1050 Vienna
(U4 Kettenbrückengasse or U4 Pilgramgasse)

Opening 19.30h
Concert 20h
Entrance fee: 15 Euro

Ask for a reduced ticket price at the entrance if you need financial support. We have a few low price tickets for every concert.

This concert series is curated by a team of internationally renowned musicians. Read more about concert series


Elisabeth Harnik, Clementine Gasser, Vasco Trilla
(piano / cello / percussion) AT/CH/ES

DJ Didi Kern with Jazz & Whisky

Concert curated by Elisabeth Harnik:

I've had drummer Vasco Trilla from Spain on my radar for a while now and have been following his work with great interest. His unique sound on drums and percussion is very close to my approach and it is no coincidence that he had also reached out to me as we both respect each others work, but then came the pandemic...  What could be better after the vacuum of the last two years than to invite a new musical partner and my longtime playing partner Clementine Gasser, whose work I appreciate very much, to a new trio communion. A meeting at eye and 'all ear' level can be expected!

Photos: Iztok Zupan / Peter Purgar


Mariá Portugal & Angelica Niescier
(drums, voice / sax) BG/PL

DJ Christof Kurzmann with Jazz & Whisky

Concert curated by Elisabeth Harnik:

In 2020 I met Mariá Portugal at the Moers Festival. She was improviser in residence at the time and we rehearsed and performed together in Silke Eberhard's 'all female' ensemble 51%.
For the concert at Celeste she will meet world-class saxophonist Angelika Niescier, who was the first city musician in Moers in 2008. Their duo - a format in which female musicians are still significantly underrepresented – explores the boundaries of improvisation intensively, sometimes spontaneously and powerfully, then again with surprisingly filigree layering of melodic motifs and rhythm fragments.

Photo by Elmar Peztold


Joe McPhee & John Edwards
(sax / double bass) US/UK

DJ Heido with Jazz & Whisky

Concert curated by Corinne Studer

I invited Joe Mc Phee & John Edwards to this concert series because they played in 2019 at Artacts in St. Johann - an intense and beautiful concert that impressed me and the rest of the audience deeply. It was even for them a big suprise, how intense that duo is - it's to say that they know each other and playing together since decades in numerous free jazz and improvisation formations around the globe.
Joe Mc Phee and John Edwards have both a deep friendly soul and a lively and sensible musical expression, playing and improvising every moment with a beautiful lightness and strong presence and spirituality.
This concert was originaly planned in dezember 2021 at the club Blue Tomato in Vienna - where it could not happen because of covid restrictions. Unfortunately Blue Tomato had to close down end of 2021 after 39 years of great concerts! I am really greatful to have the opportunity to fill that gap a little and present that duo for the first time in Vienna.

Photo by Dawid Laskowski

Joe Mc Phee

John Edwards

more concerts in that series from september to november !